The Small-Batch Jam and Jelly-making Process

Small Batch Jam

Grandma Mattie used to make her jams and jellies in small batches, so we do too. In 1995, Grandma opened her business cooking preserves in four 12-quart kettles. Today, we still use 12-quart kettles to cook, sweeten, and taste-test our jams and jellies.

3 Ingredients We Use in All Our Jams and Jellies

At Grandma’s Jam House, we keep things simple—really simple. We mix our delicious preserves by hand without high fructose corn syrup or additives. Because as jam and jelly experts, we hold to this truth—real, fresh ingredients are simply the best.

Preserving the Past: Mennonite-Made Jam Recipes That Live On

It was the summer of 1995 in Western Maryland. Grandma Mattie stood beside her son-in-law Urie Kanagy as they mixed, cooked, and taste-tested jams and jellies. Many seasons had changed in Mattie’s life, including growing up post the Great Depression, facing World War II, and traumatically losing her husband, Melvin. But with years of hardship […]