Irresistible Tastes from a Simpler Time!
Homestyle Jams, Jellies, and Fruit Butters created by our family for yours!
Pickles, Salsas, Chow Chows, Relishes, and More!
Stock up on all your Favorites!
Life is Sweeter with Honey!
100% Grade A North American Honey Delivered right to your home!

Homestyle Jams, Jellies, Fruit Butters, Pickles, Relishes, Salsas, Vegetables, and Honey!
Grandma’s Jam House Products Delivered throughout the United States!

Jams, Jellies, Fruit Butters, and Jarred Goods, Just Like Grandma Used to Make!

Grandma’s Jam House uses top quality ingredients, time honored recipes, and generational knowledge to bring all natural, delicious flavors you and your family will love. For us it is simple, we don’t cut corners or skimp on what we pack into our products. We know by selecting the finest fruit, vegetables, and ingredients, avoiding as many modern preservatives and additives as possible, we can provide you a taste that will take you back to simpler times when flavors were full. You can find our products at one of our retailers or order direct and have them shipped to your home!

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Meet Grandma
– Yes, the original Grandma that Created Grandma’s Jam House.

Born in 1934, in the years following the Great Depression and World War II still to come, Grandma Mattie grew up knowing what it was like to ‘use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.’
– Read More of Grandma’s Story

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