The Small-Batch Jam and Jelly-making Process

Small Batch Jam

Grandma Mattie used to make her jams and jellies in small batches, so we do too.

In 1995, Grandma opened her business cooking preserves in four 12-quart kettles.

Today, we still use 12-quart kettles to cook, sweeten, and taste-test our jams and jellies.

Why? It’s simple.

We want the same flavor, color, and consistency Grandma’s recipes became famous for.

With that said, let’s jump into why the small-batch jam and jelly-making process at Grandma’s Jam House makes all the difference.

1. Richer Flavor

At Grandma’s Jam House, a typical day of cooking starts at 7:30 in the morning.

We cook jams and jellies every day—all handmade by our four employees.

Four 12-quart kettles are equal to one batch. And on average, we make 24 batches per day.

From prep to canning, each batch takes around 30 minutes.

Amazingly enough, our employees have our jam and jelly recipes down to an art and make around 1,400 pint jars per day.

Compared to the 20 to 40-gallon steam kettles many jam manufacturers use, our small-batch jams offer more depth in color and flavor.

2. Better Consistency

When Grandma Mattie started making jam, there was nothing unordinary about that.

But when she started making jam for her business, she was looking for something extraordinary—consistency.

Nothing makes jam stand apart from its competition like consistency.

Mattie wanted a consistency that would stick with every batch of jam or jelly she made.

Not too thick and not too runny, Mattie perfected her technique with 12-quart kettles, real fruit, cane sugar, well water, and just the right amount of cooking.

Using her small-batch recipes today, that consistency is 28 years strong (and counting).

3. Delicious Results

We love making jam and jelly as much as you love eating it.

And to make sure you get the best results, we taste-test our fruit before we start cooking.

Plus, we mix, cook, and can all our recipes by hand.

Although we might switch to larger batches in the future, our goal is always to maintain that small-batch flavor. (Plus, we’d keep our small-batch kitchen licensed and operational).

No matter where our business goes, we promise to deliver delicious results every time.

With every jar that goes out the door, our recipes guarantee that small-batch color, consistency, and flavor in each bite. Cheers to years of delicious results!

Small Batches Up Close

We believe that Grandma Mattie had jam and jelly-making down to an art.

Our dream is to share her artwork with every jar of jam and jelly we make.

If you’d like a closer look at the “Grandma’s Jam House small-batch canning process,” we hear you.

Schedule a tour by contacting us at (301) 245-4157 and checking our next opening.

Don’t wait to save your spot. Get a close-up of recipes you love brought to you by Grandma’s Jam House today!