Sweet Pepper Relish 16 oz.


Great pepper taste with balanced with sweetness.

Ingredients: Peppers, onions, sugar, water, distilled vinegar, modified food starch, spices and salt.

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Our homemade sweet pepper relish is a delicious and versatile condiment made with only the finest ingredients. Each jar is filled with a mouthwatering blend of fresh peppers and onions, mixed with sugar, water, and distilled vinegar for a perfect balance of sweet and tangy flavors. We use only the highest quality modified food starch to help thicken the relish, alongside a blend of aromatic spices and salt to round out the taste profile. This relish is perfect on top of grilled meats, as a dip for chips, or added to sandwiches for an extra pop of flavor. The homemade recipe ensures that each jar is carefully crafted and packed with love, making it a great gift for any foodie in your life.

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1 Pint