Mango Salsa 16 oz.


Robust tropical fruit flavors in a tomato salsa. Try it!

Ingredients: Tomatoes, mangos, sweet peppers, onions, sugar, jalapeño peppers, tomato juice, water, salt, vinegar, spices, calcium chloride and citric acid.

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Indulge in the tropical taste of our homemade mango salsa made with all-natural, fresh ingredients. Diced tomatoes, luscious mangos, and sweet peppers provide the perfect base for this fruity and tangy salsa. Crunchy onions and spicy jalapeño peppers add an extra kick of flavor that will tantalize your taste buds. Our salsa is carefully crafted with just the right amount of sugar, tomato juice, salt, and vinegar to create a well-balanced and mouth-watering taste. We also use calcium chloride and citric acid to enhance the texture and preserve the freshness of the salsa. Our homemade mango salsa is perfect for serving with your favorite tortilla chips or as a condiment to your favorite dishes. It’s a refreshing and delicious addition to any meal or snack!

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