Pennsylvania Honey 1 lb.


From Pennsylvania’s abundant meadows.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Grade A U.S. Premium Honey

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Our homemade Pennsylvania honey is the perfect addition to any sweet tooth’s pantry. Made from 100% Pure Grade A USA premium honey, our honey is as wholesome as it gets. Our skilled beekeepers carefully harvest the honey from happy bees who roam the fields and orchards of Pennsylvania. Our honey is then carefully strained and packaged to ensure its natural purity and maximum flavor. Enjoy the rich and robust taste of our Homemade Pennsylvania Honey drizzled on your favorite baked goods, or as a sweetener for your morning tea or coffee. Our honey is locally sourced, sustainable, and naturally good for you. Satisfy your cravings with our homemade Pennsylvania honey, and taste the difference of premium-quality, homemade honey.

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1 lb.