Peach Butter 18 oz.


Lightly sweetened, this will become one of your favorites.

Ingredients: Peaches, sugar, water, food starch modified (from corn). May be made with genetic engineering. No artificial preservatives, flavors, or coloring!

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Our homemade peach butter is a delicious and natural spread that is made with fresh, juicy peaches, sugar, water, and food starch modified from corn. Using a painstaking process, each jar is lovingly prepared to ensure the perfect texture and taste that will leave you yearning for more. Our peach butter is bursting with flavor and contains no artificial preservatives, flavors, or coloring. It’s the ideal topping for toast, biscuits, scones, or anything you desire. You can even use it as a glaze for roasted meats or as a sauce for your favorite dessert. Try it out and experience the sweet taste of peaches, preserved naturally, in every bite!

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1 Pint