Cherry Jam


Sweet and tart, with chewy bits of real fruit.

Ingredients: Cane sugar, cherries, water, pectin, citric acid. MAY CONTAIN PITS. No artificial preservatives, flavors, or coloring.

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Indulge in the delicious taste of our homemade cherry jam, made with fresh cherries, cane sugar, water, pectin, and citric acid. Our jam contains no artificial preservatives, flavors, or coloring, providing you with a wholesome and natural experience. Our cherries are carefully selected and naturally processed, ensuring that only the best ingredients go into every jar. Perfect for spreading on toast, biscuits, or pairing with cheese, our cherry jam is a versatile addition to your pantry. Please note that our cherry jam may contain pits, so take care while enjoying it. With the authentic taste of our homemade cherry jam, you can savor the goodness of summer all year round.

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1 Pint, 9 oz.