Apple Cinnamon Jelly 1 PT.


There’s nothing like the sweet and spicy flavor to raise apple jelly to another level.

Ingredients: Cane sugar, apple juice (ascorbic acid), cranberry juice (water, cranberry juice concentrate), pectin, citric acid, cinnamon, pure cinnamon oil.

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Our homemade apple cinnamon jelly is a delicious spread that reminds you of autumn’s cozy warmth. Made with fresh apple juice, cranberry juice, and a blend of cane sugar, cinnamon, and pure cinnamon oil, our jelly has a balanced sweetness and tartness. We use pectin, a natural thickener, and citric acid for a perfectly set jelly. Our jelly is also fortified with ascorbic acid, a type of vitamin C, which helps preserve the apple’s natural color and flavor. Spread our apple cinnamon jelly on your toast, biscuits, or muffins to enjoy a flavorful and satisfying breakfast or snack. With no artificial flavors or preservatives, this jelly is perfect for those who care about their health and quality of food.

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1 Pint